Hi and thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

My name is Svetlana. I’m an artist who has a passionate interest in miracles.

Most of my time I spend in dreams. I love to pave the ways to enchanted worlds. Magical beings are always waiting  for me there. Probably, they are they same dreamers who trip from dream to dream around various worlds and wandering to our reality sometimes. The favorite thing to do for those who  doesn’t like to be locked up in one universe…

I love to catch magical moments of my life and carefully collect them in my soul. I know we are only guests in this world. And all miracles of this planet always will be a part of my soul.

One day I will be sitting next to Butterfly Dragon. Yes, that will be real sparkling Butterfly Dragon with huge soft wings. We will be sitting in the warm meadow filled with blessed Fairy Flowers of the most beautiful whimsical universe. I will be laying on silk dragon’s fur and we will look in wallet and smile. You might know people who have little precious photos in their wallets. These are most important things  they’d love to have always with them. Well, I mean the same things. Those will be my memories from this world. There will be all who I love and who loves me, all beauties of this planet and my hand-sewed butterfly creations. I’m already hearing the Butterfly Dragon’s laughter when he sees a toy prototype of himself. Of course there will be my flower treasuries I turned into jewelry pieces and sent like a notes to four corners of the Earth. Did you know? Those are not just jewelry. Those are notes about this beautiful world, its unique treasures. Like memory cards from Earth. Isn’t it a lovely way to keep precious memories in safe house… inside the heart.

Love, light and faerie dust
Svetlana  <3