Baby Butterfly Elephant and Fallen Star – OOAK Art Doll


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Baby Butterfly-Elephant with little Star friend.

I make magical butterfly creatures totally by hands using a range of art mediums. All materials are high quality and safe. Each doll is absolutely unique and it takes me a lot of time to make a new one.

Butterfly-Elephants can stand and sit without additional support. Just rotate his tail to help him keeping balance.


Why Star? Butterfly-Elephant found this little Star in shrubs near his home. He was going to bed when he noticed a tiny dot of light and heard a faint squeak. He looked through shrubs and saw a tiny Star. Poor fallen Star was squeaking because he hit his bottom. Just look at his buttocks. No wonder. He was fallen from the sky. Butterfly-Elephant picked him up carefully and put in his magical bag. He also applied a leaf of plantain on Star’s butt. That made him feel much better. Butterfly-Elephant will be able to put little star back on the sky. But little Star has no idea where he is fallen from. So friends are looking for the right place in the sky so far. If you noticed a constellation without a star or maybe just a hole on the night sky please let them know. That might be the place of little Star.



body height 8.5 cm (3.5″)

height including wings 12cm (4.5″)

wings width 23 cm (9″)

This is an original painting on satin fabric using silk paints.  Wings are movable and you can fix them in any position.


Head, paws and tail are hand sculpted from polymer clay and rotatable in 360 degrees.

Horn made from natural quartz crystal

Body is made of heavy cotton and hand dyed with paints and pigments. It’s also filled with hollowfiber and steel skeleton.

*Please note, I create pieces of art,  not toys for kid’s play.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Sending a handful of faery dust,

Svetlana xx


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