Magical Butterfly Elephant – Art Toy


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The Elephant & The Dream
Magical Elephant with hand painted butterfly ears-wings – Art collectible toy

I make magical elephants totally by hand. All materials are high quality and safe. Each toy is absolutely unique and it takes me a lot of time to make a new one. You can read curious things about how he is made below.

The magic elephant height 24 cm (9″) , ears-wings width 50 cm (20″)

Elephant’s ear-wings are made of satin which hand painted with cold batik technique . They are movable and you can fix them in any position.

Body is made of heavy cotton and hand dyed with real coffee and cinnamon.
Toy is filled with hollowfiber. Arms, legs and head are connected with the body with metal cotter pins. They are rotatable in 360 degrees.

Check out funny stories on my website to find out more about magical elephant’s soul:

*Please note, I create a pieces of art and not toys for kid’s play. If you decided to purchase a magic elephant for children, take into account that I strongly do not recommend to wash it.

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Sending a handful of faery dust,

Svetlana xx



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