Tiny Flower Butterfly Dragon – OOAK Art Doll



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Tiny Flower Butterfly Dragon  – One of a kind art doll

Height 8 cm (3 Inches)

I make magical butterfly creatures totally by my hands using a range of art mediums.

I use polymer clay to sculpt their tiny magical body. Especially I love to use flexible cosclay. I sculpt them highly detailed to make them look as realistic as possible.  I paint wings on fabric using textile paints and tiny brushes. So they look gentle and realistic. I carefully stitch their fur using needles and threads.  I also use lots of pigments, paints. And of course, I cover them with a strong finish to keep their beauty for a long.

Each artwork is one of a kind and takes a lot of work and time. Please, take it into account.

All materials are of high quality and safe.


*Please note, I create pieces of art,  not toys for kid’s play.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Sending a handful of faery dust,

Svetlana xx


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